(This represents a commonly asked question on this forum topic. Yakov Horowitz.)

Dear Rabbi Haber shlit’a:

Having made aliya 2 years ago from a Midwest city in the USA with our 3 children (ranging in age from 3 to 9 years old), we feel that there is far less in the way of “middle-of-the-road-yeshivish,” schools and communities here.

In the States, our boys went to a “black-hat” yeshiva that had an excellent limudei kodesh/Judaic studies program — but they also had a solid general studies program, played in Sunday Little League baseball, followed the local sports teams and our family went to the occasional baseball and/or football game together.

That combination doesn’t seem to be very common here.

Is our impression correct? And we would very much appreciate your thoughts regarding charting a course from our family.

We look forward to reading your response.

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