Our fourth grade son loves his Rebbe and we are thrilled. A few weeks ago on as a reward for doing really well on his Chumash test, his Rebbe told him that he didn’t have to take the school bus home, he would drive him. We found out later, that this is common practice for this Rebbe. It makes the boys in the class feel really special and they work hard to earn this special time alone with their Rebbe. My husband has no problem with this, and neither did the other mothers I’ve spoken with.

Is this some kind of a red flag? Am I just paranoid because I follow your work on Facebook and my sister is a social worker who has shared lots of scary stories? Should I call the Rebbe or the Menahel? My husband thinks I will spoil a great relationship. I don’t want to ruin our Sholom Bayis either over a 15 minute car ride on a Friday afternoon.

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