Hi. We live in Toronto and are desperately looking for an appropriate yeshiva for our son who is 14-years old. He is extremely bright, and wants to do well both in Yiddishkeit and learning. However, he is struggling with several issues including: ADHD, NVLD, social difficulties, anxiety, and low-self esteem due to years of hardhips. He is constantly being thrown out of his shiur for non-stop talking. The yeshiva’s way of handling him is to suspend him for days at a time. He also has trouble getting along with the boys. He is home more than he’s in school at this point. Is there a school somewhere that specializes in these types of boys. He is not at risk or off the derech. His is a very temimistic boy who wants to learn and shteig, but his issues necessitate a specialized program. Please help me!

Thank you very much for your time,
Rivka Podolsky

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