Boruch Hashem, there’s plenty of money in Klall Yisroel. We fund lots of out-patient programs for counseling for addicts, to cover out-patient therapy, provide referrals to therapists, for safe-houses etc. But the one thing we don’t have is a Kosher facility run by Frum therapists with proper Hadracha for either men or women.

I’m fairly certain that the people and organizations who fund Amudim, who are famous for tallying the body-count R”L of addicts who commit suicide, could probably raise the funds themselves, or run a Go Fund Me campaign or a barbecue/wine tasting/golf outing/cruise to support the construction of such an in-patient facility (it’s pretty much universally accepted that unless the addict is in an in-patient facility, he/she probably won’t otherwise be able to kick the habit). Or is this another case of “We’re better off sending them as far out of town as we can, to a treif place run by non-Jews, so that no one should see them, and they shouldn’t meet anyone they know, so it won’t ruin the Shidduchim for the rest of the family?”

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