We thank Hashem everyday that this is our only problem. He is number five out of ten KA”H and our oldest son. B”H His older four sisters are married. He is next in line and we are having trouble with Shidduchim because he is really Chassidish but he just cannot stay put in Yeshiva (he often does not get there for first Seder anyway) . He is the first to offer his help anywhere. Goes to camp a week early to set up. Is busy before Yomim Tovim around the clock. Gets home very late every night and cannot get up in the morning. When we talk to him it helps for a day or two. He is very quiet at home. When we talk about electric or other construction he perks up. He lately has brought home books about different money making topics. He is nervous about how he will make a living and wants to go get a GD. When he is home and is asked to help he does so willingly. As much as we try to get him to talk to us he only says a few words. He does talk to one or two of our sons in law more. He does things on his own without telling us. He got his own flip phone and for a while we did not even know he had it. My wife would love to see him go to a dorm Yeshiva so he would be away from all the hobbies he finds fulfilling and would settle down and learn more. He does not have anyone close enough to him to seek Hadracha. He says he speaks to a Ruv but will not disclose a name.

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