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Yakov Horowitz,
Director, Bright Beginnings.


Dedicated in honor of parents worldwide who never give up on their kids and tirelessly pursue solutions to help them – in the hope that this will make their search just a bit easier.

Mark and Barbara Silber.


Rabbi Dr. David Hertzberg

Chinuch / Education / Ivrit B'Ivrit Curriculum

Rabbi Moshe Turk

Issues and Challenges Facing Baalei Teshuva

Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin

Hashkafa / Jewish Theology

Chaya Batya Neugroschl

Navigating High School Years

Dr. Daniel Herrmann

Grade School Guidance Counselor

Aviva Goldstein

Bully Prevention and Social Emotional Health

Rabbi Aaron Spivak

Beginner Gemara Learning and Teaching

Debbie Gross

TAHEL Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children

Dr. Rona Novick

Bully Prevention and Social Emotional Health

Ezra Max

Effective Coaching For Parents and Teens

Mark Frankel Jewish Spiritual Growth

Rabbi Tani Prero

Wilderness Programs -- Camp Yagilu

Rabbi Dov Silver

Madraigos — Helping Our Youth Step by Step

Rabbi Naftali Portnoy

Youth Struggling with their Religious or Chassidic Upbringing

Dr. Eli Shapiro

Digital Citizenship and Technology

Rabbi Heshi Kuhnreich

Torah and Recovery / Bringing Judaism to Life

Alexander Rapaport

Masbia Soup Kitchen/Financial Support Services

Ronald Wachtel

Challenges for American Olim & for Gap Year Students



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The Karasick Child Safety Initiative raises awareness among parents, educators and community leaders about the danger of child abuse and the importance of child safety education. Our groundbreaking children’s safety book, “Let’s Stay Safe!,” published in conjunction with Artscroll, is currently in more than 60,000 homes and early childhood classrooms.


Our innovative Bright Beginnings division which produces skills-based curricular materials for our children. Our Chumash and Gemara workbooks and e-books, lauded by Torah Umesorah, are used in Yeshivos and day schools throughout the country. The method is based on the concept that children are served best when they are first taught the basic structure of language.