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Shmuel Fischler

Shmuel Fischler

OCD and "Boys-to-Mentsch"

Shmuel Fischler is a Maryland based clinical social worker who is deeply involved in communal work as well as clinical practice. He is owner and director of CBT Baltimore, a specialized group practice founded on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They work with individuals struggling with Anxiety spectrum disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic, Trichotillomania, and Hoarding.

Shmuel is also Director of Outreach for CHANA, a local agency working with survivors of trauma and abuse. He initiated the Magen Yeladim
Safety Kid program in Baltimore and was fortunate to steward the Boy to Mentsch program, an initiative to build healthy relationship skills among the young men of our community.

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Mental Illness, Romanticized

In the petri dish of polarization that we currently live in, apparently nothing is safe. Allow me to explain.  The black-and-white all-or-nothing lens through which the world is viewed by an ever increasing amount of people breeds in the social media world, primarily when political or sensational social issues are the topic du jour.  Under […]

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Why create a why?

“So what are you hoping to get out of therapy?”  Invariably, that question triggers a look of puzzlement on many clients faces.  “Umm.. I guess to stop- drinking, fighting, worrying, missing school, crying, cutting, (fill in the blank)?” Or perhaps panic “I have no idea! How am I supposed to know! Aren’t you supposed to […]

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