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Judah Weiner

Judah Weiner

Addiction Recovery Support & Life Coach

Yudy holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, is a New York State Certified School Psychologist and has been in the mental health profession over forty years. He has worked for Nassau County BOCES, has certification from CASAC, CASAP, and is a certified recovery coach.

In addition to volunteer work within his community, he mentors and guides young adults and their families who are experiencing social, emotional and financial difficulties. Yudy has been successful in facilitating MASK programs and meetings for over ten years, running weekly parents' support groups, as well as establishing new MASK groups in Jerusalem and London. running weekly support groups at Madraigos, and is very involved with the Living Room.

His professional career includes working with the emotionally disabled; both in clinics and Developmental Centers, as well as developing psychological services for patients suffering from PTSD.

Yudy also has developed a meditation/guided visualization program within a spiritual framework to assist individuals in recovery and trauma.

Yudy's involvement in JACS started at the 1986 spring retreat where he had just received his 30 day medallion. He met and maintains some of his current closest friends that he met at JACS as well as Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski. Yudy has attended most of the JACS retreats since then, functioning as a retreat chairman, co-chair, senior advisor to the teen program, designated health care professional as well as being on the JACS council.

Yudy owes much gratitude to JACS, JBFCS, and of course, the wonderful and dedicated staff members, Sharone and Vicki.
JACS has taught Yudy to not say no when asked for a service commitment to JACS and in life in general.

Yudy is the proud father of four grown sons, grandfather of wonderful grandchildren, a friend to many, and a big brother to a select few.