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Ezra Max

Ezra Max

Effective Coaching For Parents and Teens

Rabbi Ezra Max, CTS, MHMP creator of “THE MAX METHOD”. A customizable program for overcoming challenges associated with feeling Alone, Anxious, Invisible, Ignored, Misunderstood and Hopeless. (It’s now being adapted for business men and woman who want more)
The son and grandson of Rabbis and educators, Ezra recognized the growing divide between parents and teens in today’s generation of Orthodox Jews, long before it was an identified problem in the broader community. He was the first to introduce the Parent/Teen Coach concept to the Orthodox community over 10 years ago with He serves as an international expert for Families, Educators, Clinicians, and Rabbinical leaders.
In addition to teaching weekly classes, Rabbi Max developed, taught and supervised a peer mentoring program for Ohr Naava geared toward post high school women. He helped Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein start BCA, a second chance girl's high school. When Rabbi Zvi Gluck began “Amudim Community Resources” to help people in times of crisis, Rabbi Max was at his side and is still on call when needed.
A long-term community activist, Rabbi Ezra Max has served as an advisor and board member to several not-for-profits. He is a volunteer NYS certified EMT for over 25 years and has worked with multiple city, state and federal agencies in various capacities. He lives in New York with his wife and 5 children.